I am not the one who crazy people go to for help, I am the one that normal people need when the world around them is going insane

I cannot believe it has been nearly a week since I was last on wordpress to give an update. Where has the time gone and what have I done with it. I wonder …..

Tonight I am at the Happiness Centre again giving tonights meditation, the theme of this one will be floating on a cloud. Am taking my little magnets in for anyone who wants to can hold one whilst they meditate. The idea is that the more they relax the more they will feel the magic magnetic energy working on them.

This week has been a busy one really as have been marking up a variety of crystals to stock at the HC for people to buy. The ones I will have on show are what I have in stock at the moment and there is a good selection.  If there are any specific ones that people want I can always get them from the wholesalers.  Hopefully they will be on show from tomorrow when I am on the desk I should have the time to price them all up. I am keeping the prices low as don’t believe in ripping people off, if I can buy them at a reasonable price them they are sold at a reasonable price.

Talking of tomorrow, I am doing 2 healings. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning lady is a newbie so fingers crossed all goes well for her and the lady in the afternoon has been coming to see me for a couple of weeks now and just loves the way she feels when I have finished, all warm and relaxed.

Well I suppose that is all my news for this week, I have been busy with other things but am sure you don’t want to hear about me proof reading my pages on the happiness centre ilkley’s web page. Things like this don’t come easy so it does take me a while. Still not sure what I amd doing but will get there in the end.

Bye for now,  love and happiness


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