I am not the one who crazy people go to for help, I am the one that normal people need when the world around them is going insane


A lady today  suggested I started using instagram to promote myself and show pictures of exactly what I do. In her words ‘words don’t always cut it with you healing people when trying to describe what you do.’ Good job I am not easily offended and this I can fully understand as even I struggle sometimes to explain what happens when people come to see me.

I am new to all this social media so no doubt it will keep me quiet for awhile whilst I get used to all the buttons and knobs to press and cameras to use. Hubby will be pleased if something keeps me quiet.

So, if you are on instagram also, come and give me a shout. Would be lovely to connect and share photos with you.

You can find me at instragram.com/healthfulheals



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