I am not the one who crazy people go to for help, I am the one that normal people need when the world around them is going insane

Distance Healing

Distance Healing works exceptionally well and has been used by many clients when a personal face-to-face visit has not always been possible.

Healing will be arranged for a time that is best suited to you. Intuitive healing can be carried out over various time frames to suit your requirements and using a variety of mediums such as magnets, reiki seichem, pendulums and crystals.

Some people prefer to receive their healing at a set time and date.  What happens with this method is that we both work together at the same time on the same day.  I send and you receive.

Healing can also be sent using what is called The Chi Ball method and this is the preferred system by many as it can be accessed at any time – this cuts out any problem with time zones.  The healing energy is simply “stored” in an “energy ball” for you to connect with when you are ready. Easy instructions are provided for you to follow if you decide this will be your choice of healing session.

Please allow between 60 and 90 minutes

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