I am not the one who crazy people go to for help, I am the one that normal people need when the world around them is going insane

Magnet Healing

What is Magnet Healing?

Magnet Healing is a fantastic complimentary therapy that has a proven success with both people and animals. Over time people have come to recognise the wonderful benefits of using magnets for pain relief, reducing swelling and quickening the body’s natural healing process. The placing of magnets on and around the body stimulates the natural magnetic field thereby increasing blood circulation resulting in oxygen flowing through the organs and tissue which in turn aids the removal of inflammation and toxins that have gathered in the body.

Who can it help?

Almost everyone! Are you looking for that improved feeling of well-being? Well look no further. My clients range from the elderly to the very young from all walks of life with a wide range of complaints.

What can it help?

Everything from arthritis to whiplash. The list is never ending so will mention just a few that my customers have come to see me with; backache, stress, bronchitis, headaches and migraines, anxiety, muscle spasm, arthritis and rheumatism.

Please allow between 60 and 90 minutes

Contact: Peta Gelder | Tel: 07736 929614 | Email: healthful.healing@yahoo.co.uk

When: By Appointment. Distance Healings can also be carried out by phone and Skype.

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