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Ilkley Complimentary Medicine Festival

I have been invited to host a one hour workshop at the Ilkley Complimentary Medicine Festival on Magnet Healing and how the little golden gems can help.

If you are free why not pop along and experience the magnetic energies for yourself.

All welcome, the more the merrier


(Click on the link to find a list of all workshops on the day)

Ilkley Complimentary Medicine Festival



Magnet Healing Talk and Discussion

Oh wow, how nice is this. Thanks to whoever wrote it.  Had an amazing time and what a lovely group of people to work with.
What an amazingly magnetic night at the Happiness Centre. (Couldnt resist that one!!!) After Kimms wonderful chakra meditation Peta Gelder did an hours talk on Magnet Healing. Everyone had the chance to either hold or have a magnet placed on their person to fully appreciate the magnetic energy that she works with. I know it is hard to believe but Peta made magnet healing very interesting and kept everyone enthralled for the full hour. Am sure we can convince her to hold this talk again in the future for all of those that were unable to attend this time. Highly recommended

Magnet Healing Talk and Demonstration

Oh boy am I getting nervous now. Monday night is the big night for me. I will be doing an hours talk at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley about magnet healing and how it can help. Didn’t realise I would get so nervous, who would think talking about something I am so passionate about would stir up so much emotion.  I think because the night is open to all I have no idea how many may turn up,  could be a room full but there again could be none. Not sure which thought scares me the most.

Think I had better start and do some hands on reiki for myself and see if that will help.

Will let you know how I get on.

Free Talk and Short Demonstration

On Monday 27th Feb I will be giving a talk and demonstration on Magnet Healing at the Happiness Centre in Ilkley. Why not come along to find out if the power in the little golden gems I work with will be of benefit to you. Got an ache or a pain and are fed up of taking pain killers, come and see just what the magnetic healing energy is capable of.

Starting at 7.30 straight after the evening meditation. We will stay in the comfortable meditation room and make the most of the blissful atmosphere. If you would like more information beforehand then drop me a line at healthful.healing@yahoo.co.uk

Would love to see you there.

Free Distance Magnet Healing

Have been sent some amazing reports of healing sensations being received from the free distance magnet healing sent yesterday.

This is something that I do once a month and is free to all. Email me at healthful.healing@yahoo.co.uk if you fancy joining in with next months or would like further information.

The next healing session will be carried out on 29th Feb 2012 at 10am. Be sure not to miss out


How Does Magnet Healing Work?

There are two main ways that magnets can be used to speed recovery from injury and ill health. Magnets can either be placed directly on the body at the pain point or surround the body to improve the flow of blood to all areas.

By using magnet healing on specific points a whole range of common ailments can be treated such as back pain, sciatica, arthritis, rheumatism and sports injuries.

When the magnet is placed on and around the affected area any soft tissue will lengthen and help to relax the ligament or muscle that has been damaged or traumatised. Usually an injured site on the body, whether it be a sports injury or arthritis, is surrounded by swelling and inflammation. When a magnet is placed on the area and the muscle and tissue relaxes the blood flow that has been blocked from the damaged site is then allowed in and the body can start its own healing.

This means the body then ‘kick starts’ its own beta-endorphin (pain relieving) system.

The second way that magnets can be used on the body is to generally improve the flow of blood around the whole body. This is achieved when the molecules in the blood react to the magnetic energy field produced by the magnets.

Magnets encourage healing in such a wonderfully dramatic way. Why not see if it could work for you. What have you got to loose .…..

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