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Crystal of the month of May -Snowflake Obsidian

The month of May symbolises re-growth and shedding of the old and bringing in of the new. The dark and dismal days of winter are finally starting to fade into the distant past and the light and airiness of spring is starting to show itself to us once again.

For this reason Snowflake Obsidian has been chosen as our favourite crystal of the month. It is known to work on both the root and sacral chakras allowing its gentle energies to ground and support us during times of need.  We often need this assistance during stressful times of upheaval and change in our own lives without realising it.

Snowflake Obsidian is the stone of purity and peacefulness. It is known to work in tandem with our personal vibration as it offers protection from any physical and emotional harm that has occurred around us. It is best at removing any negative energies that are lingering with us leaving us feeling lighter and freer in body and mind. It also helps to teach us right from wrong and assists us in valuing our mistakes and our successes too.

This type of obsidian is a molten lava that is a deep black in colour with inclusions of a white mineral that when highly polished resembles the snowflake pattern.  Hence its name.

When used in a healing environment it improves the body’s circulation to the benefit of the skeletal system, the skin and the veins.

Carrying a piece of snowflake obsidian on you will allow it to provide a balance to your body, mind and spirit.

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