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What exactly is synchronicity? I keep hearing this word crop up in every day conversation and wondered if we really know what it means. Sometimes when we hear a word repeated it is because it is just a buzz word of the moment, or something we need to take note of.

With this in mind I have been asking what others around me think. One lady I have known for a while and thought I knew quite well told me she doesn’t believe in synchronicity or fate. She believes in coincidence. This then got me thinking what is the difference as I believed they were all about  the same thing. Most have the same idea I did.

The dictionary tells me synchronicity is when something happens at the same time.

Twice one morning, within the space of 10 minutes, I asked my husband a question at the exact same time he was going to ask me the exact same question. I have to add here it does unnerve him when I do this and it happens quite often between us.

Yesterday a lady asked if she could book in for a quick tarot reading as as she had an easy question to ask. When I packed my bag for the days work that morning I wasn’t going to take a deck as thought I should have a day off for once. But, something made me go choose a deck at the last minute. Which I did and, thank goodness I did, otherwise the poor lady would have had to wait. Is this a coincidence, fate or all 3.

Today I was in the right place at the right time to be able to hold a healing session for a person I have worked with previously who just happened to be passing and had had a seriously stressful week at work. All they requested was a crystal healing for deep relaxation.

So which do you think it was? Synchronicity, fate or coincidence that brought us together this afternoon? I personally believe it was all three. We were both in the same place, at the same time and free to connect without any other influences. These are only 3 instances that immediately spring to mind on this Friday night.

Our friend Mr Collins tells me a coincidence is when an event may have been arranged but it wasn’t, it just happened and that fate is something that will happen to you in the future and we have no control over.

So, after discovering what the dictionary’s have to say I guess I have to conclude we are all maybe, partially, correct. No matter what events we are faced with in our lifetime we will always have control over some things but definitely not over everything.

Would love to know what you think and does synchronicity exist in your life. I sure believe it does in mine.

This Weekend

Isn’t it great when we think we know what we have planned for the weekend and it all gets changed at the last minute. As anyone who works with energies of any type will agree, energy is forever changing and evolving so that life is able to flow and move forward  when we learn to be in the same mode. The more we try to stay still and hang on to what we have the harder life will be.

I have had a sad message that told me of a passing this weekend. This isn’t anyone I personally knew but felt I did as every time his sister came for a tarot reading she always asked how long does he have left, can the cards tell me? Now normally I would try to skirt around such a question as I strongly believe everyone has free will to decide when it right for them and no one has an input into this. But for some reason I felt they had a close relationship and it was helping her to prepare to move on with her life when the inevitable happened.  She has thanked me for being wrong, yes that is a first, as the prediction was out by approximately a month. As you can imagine she is pleased that the whole family had that extra time to enjoy together. He is now out of his agonising pain and the family is able to look back at his time here on earth with a smile. And to be honest that makes me smile.

Talking of moving on I better get my skates on as I do have a busy day doing housey things and preparing for sharing the platform at Wakefield spiritualist church this evening with the lovely Val Trainer. Have a great day everyone 😸

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