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This Weekend

Isn’t it great when we think we know what we have planned for the weekend and it all gets changed at the last minute. As anyone who works with energies of any type will agree, energy is forever changing and evolving so that life is able to flow and move forward  when we learn to be in the same mode. The more we try to stay still and hang on to what we have the harder life will be.

I have had a sad message that told me of a passing this weekend. This isn’t anyone I personally knew but felt I did as every time his sister came for a tarot reading she always asked how long does he have left, can the cards tell me? Now normally I would try to skirt around such a question as I strongly believe everyone has free will to decide when it right for them and no one has an input into this. But for some reason I felt they had a close relationship and it was helping her to prepare to move on with her life when the inevitable happened.  She has thanked me for being wrong, yes that is a first, as the prediction was out by approximately a month. As you can imagine she is pleased that the whole family had that extra time to enjoy together. He is now out of his agonising pain and the family is able to look back at his time here on earth with a smile. And to be honest that makes me smile.

Talking of moving on I better get my skates on as I do have a busy day doing housey things and preparing for sharing the platform at Wakefield spiritualist church this evening with the lovely Val Trainer. Have a great day everyone 😸


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