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What Have I Been Up To Lately

So what have I been doing to keep me away from my blog?

I can’t believe it has been so long since I last posted to the blog. How lazy of me. This year has seen me settle into my new room at the Yoga Barre and then move again into a slightly larger room within the same building. The newest room is wonderful as I now have a window that opens fully so am keen for the warmer weather to arrive before I am brave enough to open it.

This year is whizzing by with barely a day free to myself. The main thing to change is how my psychic, mediumistic spirit work is moving forward in to whole new directions. Learning is still prominent for my personal progression and very dear to my heart. There is always something to learn from each and every workshop or group that is open to me to attend.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend a psychic art day which advertised it would involve channeling spirit to assist with the end product. Sadly there wasn’t a whole load of channeling but we did play with new artistic mediums and left with a piece of artwork to bring home to show for our efforts. Here is a copy of my piece from the day for you all to see. Can you see any spirit involvement there or, is it just my random mind taking over?


Since that day I have found a new interest and some spare time to do a little bit more research and found my own way of tuning in to spirit and asking for their assistance when putting colour to canvases. This is a whole new venture for me and I hope you enjoy sharing my journey of channelling spirit through colour.

Here are my latest attempts and would love to hear what you can see.

Painted with brush and water


Painted with brush only on canvas


Life may never be the same for me now I have found a way to express myself with colour and I look forward to sharing what I learn with others. Watch this space

Crystal of the month November – Mookite

The month of November reminds us that another year is nearly over as we start to think towards the coming year and all it is going to bring for us. This is a good month to reflect on what have been both the highlights and low lights of 2012 for us. To seriously think about what we would like to achieve for ourselves over the next 12 months and to allow our desire for new experiences to be reawakened.

This time Mookite has been chosen as our favourite crystal of the month as it has a wonderfully calming energy to carry with you during your daily life. One of its specialities is that is helps one to move forward in life with ease and gives the confidence to believe in your decision making process. It openly encourages balanced thoughts and allows you to remain flexible and honest with any new ideas you may have.

Mookite is an astonishing stone for those who feel they are alone or just lonely. It is also a great stone that is available to help those who are often kind to all others and forget about themselves and it reminds them to start to think of themselves in a kind and loving manner too.

Mookite is a variety of jasper and is often referred to as Australian Jasper. It is available in a blend of colours ranging from mustard yellow to deep burgundy red.

When used in a healing environment it is beneficial to the immune system and for purifying the blood.

Wearing a piece of Mookite will allow you to be versatile in your daily life as well as pointing out all of the opportunities that are available to you at that time and assists in choosing the right path to follow.

Crystal of the month of May -Snowflake Obsidian

The month of May symbolises re-growth and shedding of the old and bringing in of the new. The dark and dismal days of winter are finally starting to fade into the distant past and the light and airiness of spring is starting to show itself to us once again.

For this reason Snowflake Obsidian has been chosen as our favourite crystal of the month. It is known to work on both the root and sacral chakras allowing its gentle energies to ground and support us during times of need.  We often need this assistance during stressful times of upheaval and change in our own lives without realising it.

Snowflake Obsidian is the stone of purity and peacefulness. It is known to work in tandem with our personal vibration as it offers protection from any physical and emotional harm that has occurred around us. It is best at removing any negative energies that are lingering with us leaving us feeling lighter and freer in body and mind. It also helps to teach us right from wrong and assists us in valuing our mistakes and our successes too.

This type of obsidian is a molten lava that is a deep black in colour with inclusions of a white mineral that when highly polished resembles the snowflake pattern.  Hence its name.

When used in a healing environment it improves the body’s circulation to the benefit of the skeletal system, the skin and the veins.

Carrying a piece of snowflake obsidian on you will allow it to provide a balance to your body, mind and spirit.

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