I am not the one who crazy people go to for help, I am the one that normal people need when the world around them is going insane

Tarot Reading

Being an experienced and intuitive Tarot reader I have been reading and working with the cards, honestly and ethically, using my own unique practical and down to earth approach for a number of years. Anyone who has been for a reading will understand what is being said.

Often when we are in a period of confusion about how our life is going, not sure how we feel or what is the best decision to make, for many, tarot can really help to guide you to see which choices you have and can make.

Originally, tarot started off as a weekend hobby many years ago but very quickly turned into a true passion and I still continue to attend courses and workshops as well as reading extensively whenever I can.

If you feel you need some assistance in moving your life forward in a positive way, or guidance on how to make changes in such areas as relationships and love, money or your career why not book yourself a personal reading.

All consultations are face to face and last up to 30minutes with each session being recorded to CD and a copy being available for your future listening.

I am accommodating for single and/or group bookings, at pre arranged times and are often available to help you raise funds for your chosen charity events.

Contact me direct to discuss your requirements and to arrange your reading appointment.

Contact: Peta Gelder | Tel: 07736 929614 | Email: healthful.healing@yahoo.co.uk

When: By Appointment only. Distance readings can also be carried out by telephone, email and Skype.


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