I am not the one who crazy people go to for help, I am the one that normal people need when the world around them is going insane

What My Clients Have To Say

Thank you so much for making yourself available to me, and helping me to bring peace,  harmony and positibve energy into my life. I’ve already noticed significant changed in my life. Miss G

Thanks for a lovely session. I can’t believe what I could feel. Felt amazing and still feels good now! Thank you so much and see you again soon. Cate

If you want some reiki check out @healthfulheal just amazing, relaxing, re-energising, emotionally healing! She is fantastic! Miss L

Over the last 6 months, I have to tell you, my life has changed for the better since coming to Peta for a monthly healing. Everything I touched in the previous 12 months went wrong, from my career to my love life, and all I can say is thank goodness Peta convinced me to come and spend some time with her.  Now I can see and feel the energy around me is so totally different and can report things are definitely on the up – if you know what I mean!!!  Book me in next month please.   Mrs P

I have a treatment every couple of weeks and to honest do not know what I would do if I had to finish. The use of these little golden gems leaves me feeling on top of the world like no other healing has done. Keep up the good work. Fran

Had a fantastic healing session last night – just what the Doctor ordered and de-stressed me beyond belief. Thanks. Julie

I cannot explain how Peta works but I just know it works for me and recommend her to everyone that I can. Lizzie B

The best healing I have ever had. Stuart

I had a mini-magnet session with Peta today and it was awesome! I have frequent migraines, stress related/anxiety and upper neck/back pain. I immediately felt the magnets at work and it was a beautiful cooling energy that seemed to radiate right to my core. Thanks Peta, I will be sure to make this a regular occurrence! Your gentle, professional approach was lovely to. Tammy

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